Mooloo is made with the best organic, plant based ingredients. There’s goodness is every pint.


At Mooloo, we’re devoted to making better ice cream for everyone. We have reinvented traditional ice cream and added a health boosting, superfood twist! Our nice cream is made on a creamy coconut base, infused with the highest quality, organic ingredients, making the most delicious dessert you’ve ever tasted.

More health. More nourishment. Great nice cream.

Ice Cream vs Nice Cream

The dictionary defines Ice Cream as: “ A frozen food containing cream or milk and butterfat, sugar, flavouring, and sometimes eggs.”

And although there isn't a technical definition, we define Nice Cream as: "A delicious frozen treat, similar to ice cream, without the dairy, eggs, or refined sugar."


At Mooloo, we are proud to craft the best nice cream. It tastes like the comforting, creamy, dairy ice cream you know, with no animal products needed.

In the Beginning...

We started with nothing more than love for food and a simple benchtop ice cream machine…

Inspired after a trip to an Ice cream parlor in San Francisco, Founder Millie Mae returned to Australia with a passion for ice cream. Sensitive to dairy, she started tasting all the plant-based options but was unable to find a brand that had clean ingredients and tasted as good and creamy as traditional ice cream.

It became her mission to create a dairy free, high-quality ice cream, that was both delicious and good-for-you.

 And Mooloo was born!

On the journey, Millie discover that most regular ice creams have a high percentage of air, sometimes half the tub!  The lower the air content, the better the quality of ice cream. So, she vowed to produce the premium kind, resulting in our deliciously creamy nice cream, packed with nutritional perks.
Mooloo is 100% plant-based, as well as gluten, soy and refined sugar free. Our recipes were all developed with your health in mind! 


The Name

Sometimes people think "Mooloo" is because its a dairy ice cream. But its simply because we proudly make our nice cream on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, QLD, so we wanted to celebrate where our nice cream comes from. 

Mooloo is a celebration and shortened name for Mooloolaba. Its our gorgeous beach, cozy community and the place we call home.